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Natasha Brown, LPC

Licensed Therapist

It has been an honor to serve and be invited into countless lives that span across cultures and intersections of identity. I remember the vulnerability, courage and boldness it took to begin my own therapeutic journey. I know that feeling bold, courageous, and empowered might be incongruent with what is felt when starting down this path. In fact, sad, tired, frustrated, or misunderstood might be more accurate. In either scenario, I intend to partner with you, and walk this path together.


My approach to therapy is empathetic, curious, faith-based, intentional, and affirming. My training in marriage and family therapy has supported my understanding of individuals by seeing them from a systemic lens. This lens believes in the importance of understanding how decisions, self-view and world-view are impacted and informed by lived experiences, beliefs systems, values and relationships. As a faith-based clinician, I purpose to hold space for those that are humble enough to say I do not have all the answers, while being brave enough to invite me in, and find them together. 


Through curious and intentionally careful assessment, I support clients in identifying core needs, deep wounds, and patterns that prevent growth. Within a safe, kind and culturally sensitive space, we will work collaboratively to address negative thoughts and behavior patterns, heal core wounds and begin engaging in healthier ways. 


I consider it an honor and a privilege, whenever I get the opportunity to see people up close… See you soon!

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