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Emily Close MFT

Emily Close, LMFT

Licensed Therapist 

Growing up, I had a teacher who, during a problem-solving exercise, prompted the class to ask the quieter kids for their input. My teacher shared that these kids tend to observe all that’s occurring in the moment and their observations provide insight that might have otherwise been overlooked. To me, therapy acts as the otherwise forgotten insight that could hold the key to progress in life. 

The clients that typically come to me are lost, stuck and unsure of what direction to go in their lives. I am of firm belief that we all possess the ability to overcome where we are, we simply need help finding it. How we relate to our worlds, the spheres we occupy (family, social, career, community, etc.), greatly impacts our mental and emotional health. We will work together to examine how the world around you intersects with one another and creates the feeling of being stuck, lost and unsure of where to go next.  My educational background and therapeutic frame is Marriage and Family therapy, which means that I operate from a systemic lens; our family of origin, belief system, and relational patterns underlie how we respond to everything, from daily stress to trauma. We will use this therapeutic frame to expand your perspective, build self-awareness and move away from feelings of being lost and powerless and move towards feeling empowered and confident of your needs and wants. I’m here to provide support and insight to rediscover tools that promote your healing and health.

I am aware of the deep discomfort and emotional toll that brings you to seeking therapy, and I’m ready to meet you where you are to begin the process of healing. It is my goal to create a space where you feel heard, validated, and empowered to regain your peace.

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