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Lavonda Handy

Lavonda Handy, LMFT

Owner & Therapist 
AAMFT Approved Supervisor

From an early age, I witnessed and was attuned to the disconnect between people causing missed opportunities of being heard and seen by one another. As a therapist, I see individuals, couples, and families experiencing this disconnect and missed opportunities for connection all too much. You are on my page because you are looking to connect authentically to yourself and others. You feel lost, unsure, or need to heal from trauma and tragedy. 


Trauma and tragedy have different levels for each of us. Trauma can be not having sufficient housing growing up to any type of abuse. Tragedy looks like natural disasters or a loss of someone or something. You are here because you have experienced some level of trauma or tragedy in your past or maybe you’re still experiencing either of them today.  When trauma and tragedy occur, it is easy to lose your voice. You feel disempowered and isolated from others and even at times yourself. I will support you so that you feel safe and empowered to use your voice again. 


My own personal experiences influence the way I am able to connect with my clients as I see them as human first rather than a problem in front of me. Utilizing systemic family therapy, I am able to see all of you and not just you as an individual. You do not exist alone in this world. You and I will work collaboratively to identify negative patterns in your life. We will work to shift into more positive patterns that support your healing and growth.

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