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About Us

Philadelphia Area Therapists Finding and Encouraging others to share their Truth

We are a group of diverse individuals with diverse experiences that we are able to share with each of our clients in an unique way. Our philosophy is that every human has the opportunity for growth and healing when they enter the therapy room. We follow the clients lead to lean into what has brought them to therapy with the thought that we will challenge and empower our clients throughout treatment. We acknowledge that the process may at times be uncomfortable or difficult with many feelings arising throughout. We look from a trauma-informed lens that allows us to not ask what is wrong with you but rather what happened to you. This type of treatment applies to couples, families and individuals as we take an in-depth look at how you interact with others and yourself. We will work together to discover any negative patterns of interaction and create new patterns that will better serve you and the relationships that you have. 

Truth Center for Health and Healing supports clients to discover their true authentic self by creating a safe space that affirms the dignity, worth, and value of ALL individuals. We are a team that practices what we preach by showing up authentically ourselves with each of our clients. We will laugh, cry and celebrate with you throughout treatment. Our goal is to empower each of our clients to feel safe, to feel seen and recognize that their voice matters.  We are intentional about being in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and LGBTQ individuals. We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of openness and trust where no matter your attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors, we will support you to freely explore and discuss them in a safe manner and space. 

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