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Eliza Farran MFT

Eliza Farran, MFT

Pre-Licensed Therapist 

In my therapeutic practice, I honor your safety; with me, with others, and with the world. This means that I respect that it may take time to build the trust necessary to explore particularly challenging parts of your experience, whether that be intergenerational-trauma, or something that is unnamed but just does not feel ready to explore. To me, ensuring safety also means giving attention to the ways that our intersectional identities influence how we are perceived, the way we engage with others, and the way we are engaged with by others. Though I will challenge you, I always aim to honor your pace. My style is warm, compassionate, and empathetic. I also use humor and strive to show up as authentically myself so that we can build the relationship necessary for healing. 


Through our work together, we will uncover and highlight the ways in which you have been able to keep yourself going. These strengths will help you through some of your present challenges. If there are patterns that no longer serve you, we will work together to let those tendencies step aside. We may spend some time zooming into a particular issue, interaction, or experience. We will also zoom out to look at the wider patterns, context, and history. I find that by paying attention to both aspects we can create a path forward. 



I am in Integrative Systemic Therapy to work with couples, individuals (youth, teens, adults), and families. This means that I am familiar with a variety of therapeutic approaches and can tailor to the individuals in front of me. It also means that I am attuned to the push and pull of the various systems and people in your world. I know that starting therapy can be nerve-wracking, challenging, and uncomfortable. This step is also an incredible act of care and intention. I am looking forward to receiving you just as you are and walking alongside you on your journey toward greater joy, balance, and connection. 

Eliza is a pre-licensed clinician working towards hours for marriage and family therapy licensure. She is supervised by Lavonda Handy, LMFT

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