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Exie Adams

Exie Adams, LMFT

Licensed Therapist 

My number one career goal as a therapist is to work myself out of a job. For me, this means equipping you with the tools, insight and support necessary to manage your stressors, heal from trauma and to live a meaningful life. I strive for this by using a client centered approach that understands that human struggles do not exist in a vacuum but are the combination of lived experiences. This also makes it important for me to provide a therapeutic space that is culturally aware and politically sound. For me this means, I aim to see and understand the ways you navigate the world and how that is impacted by the identities you hold. This also means I am aware of these things for myself as well. A therapy space created with this in mind allows for you to feel safe and supported. 

Working with me will often look like a combination of process and praxis. We will do the necessary deep processing to help build self awareness and insight. This looks like making sense of any default patterns and behaviors that you may have, along with identifying and unpacking the core narratives about yourself and the world around you. From there, we can translate that awareness into tangible change in your life. 

When you start therapy with me, you are committing to being intentional about the way you care and show up for yourself. The journey will not be easy but we are a team. As a team, we will work our way towards goals that will bring you closer to being your whole self.

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