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Truth Center for Health and Healing

Philadelphia Area Mental Health Therapy Practice
The Truth Center for Health and Healing is a therapy practice that offers services to clients in Philadelphia and beyond. Here, we are committed to empowering individuals to embrace their truth, find resilience, and lead meaningful lives. We are staffed by licensed  therapists and pre-licensed therapists who are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their mental wellness goals and find their authentic selves.

Find Your Truth

At Truth Center for Health and Healing, we support our clients to become their full authentic self. We recognize that life experiences have a large impact on how a person shows up in the room. Those life experiences  can cause distress that leads to anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness, and/or feeling disconnected from others. We are a practice that brings compassion and understanding into the therapy room along with our expertise to support the healing journey our clients will go on.  We work collaboratively with our clients to build treatment around their goals for therapy using a trauma-informed lens that asks not what’s wrong with you, but rather, what happened to you?

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Am I ready for therapy?

The thought of therapy to be a very scary concept. People will begin the process of therapy even before they enter the room just by thinking about going to therapy. It takes courage to be vulnerable with a person that you don’t know. This is why we believe in building a genuine and authentic relationship with our clients. As therapy is a space where you share some of your most intimate thoughts and feelings, we honor the relationship that is being created between client and therapist. Our belief is that no change can be made unless our clients feel safe enough to do so. Our therapists work intentionally to empower our clients to be the leader of their lives and foster opportunities for growth and change within themselves. 

Services Offered

Discovery of true connection for individuals, couples and families through therapy

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A Happier, Healthier You

Our current and past relationship often impact our daily interactions with others and ourselves. Anxiety, depression, and self-esteem are all triggered by these interactions. Seeking therapy for yourself creates the space for you to discover these patterns of living and gain tangible skills to create new healthier patterns and deeper connections with yourself and others.

Holding Hands

Better Together

Marriage and Family Therapy addresses communication/interactions not just between people but rather highlights all forces internally and externally that are making an impact on your family unit. Bringing everyone into the room allows for the creation of a safe space for all to be heard and acknowledged in their experience. We all usually have the same goal, but at times our different perspectives block us from getting there together. Allow family/couples therapy to be your safe space to reach your shared goals.

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