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Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma Therapy in Media, PA

At the Truth Center for Health & Healing in Media, PA, we offer trauma therapy services to clients in Philadelphia and beyond. At our private, comfortable center, our team helps individuals, couples, and families to find their truth, experience healing and wellness, and lead authentic, meaningful lives.

Our licensed and pre-licensed therapists use a variety of recognized tools and techniques to help our clients achieve their mental wellness goals and move toward a rich, authentic life. Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced and offer a caring, safe space for clients to explore their past traumas in a supportive way.

Together, we can help empower you to move forward and free yourself from the lingering effects of trauma, building resilience and self-awareness, and moving toward the life you were meant to lead. If you feel that trauma therapy might benefit you, call our friendly and empathetic team today to book an appointment.

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Providing Trauma Counseling Services in Media, PA

At our center, servicing clients in Media, PA, our expert therapists use a trauma-informed lens to explore what happened to you - rather than asking “What's wrong with you?” From this perspective, we begin a journey that brings understanding and compassion to the therapy practice to support a powerful healing journey.

Every individual at our Media, PA center receives a tailored treatment plan that helps them to navigate traumatic life experiences and tackle the impacts of these experiences. We take the time needed to work through your individual needs, in a supportive, guided way that allows you to feel completely safe as you meet your authentic self and learn how to handle traumatic experiences. We also use a variety of tried and trusted techniques that are gentle in their application, but powerful and transformative in their results.

Is Trauma Therapy Right for You?

Many people experience trauma at some point in their lives, whether that's from abuse, witnessing a traumatic event, or living in trauma-inducing circumstances. Everyone is affected in a different way, but these after-effects can live on for years and lead to issues with relationships and mental health.

If you have experienced any kind of trauma in your life, it can be difficult to cope and move toward recovery without the right support or self-care strategies. The journey towards mental wellness and healing can be complex and benefit from professional support, which is why we are passionate about delivering quality trauma therapy services.

Some of the signs of trauma you might experience include:

  • Depression

  • Loneliness

  • Anxiety

  • A sense of disconnection

  • A feeling of hopelessness.


Trauma can have long-term effects if it is left unresolved, and it comes in many forms. But the good news is, with trauma therapy and expert support from caring professionals, you can work through your experiences and come out stronger, happier, and resilient, allowing you to lead a full and rich life, filled with authentic joy.

If you're ready to take that first step forward, contact our friendly team today to book your appointment.

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Book Your Therapy Session Today!

At the Truth Center for Health & Healing, we offer a range of counseling and therapy services alongside our trauma counseling, delivered from a comfortable and convenient private center with beautiful facilities to help you feel safe and comfortable.

From couples counseling accessible in Ardmore, PA to finding the right mental health counselor in Haverford, PA, you'll find the counseling and therapy services you need at locations in PA that suit you. Together, we can help you support your mental health, continue your healing journey, and move toward wellness and recovery with trusted, guided support.

We offer appointments all through the week at times that suit a variety of schedules and our center is welcoming, comfortable, and a beautiful space that will instantly put you at ease.


We recognize that it can be daunting to begin a trauma therapy journey and make yourself vulnerable to new people, but we are confident that our services will bring profound benefits to your life. We proudly have many happy clients who experienced positive change at the Truth Center for Health & Healing in Media, PA.

Contact us today to take that first step towards a better, happier, and trauma-free future.

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